Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kike's Tacos @ Second and Beaudry

What better way to end a hot summer day than by indulging in a little magical deliciousness? And by magic, I mean tacos. In the evenings, just as the sun is setting and the pavement starts to cool, something magical happens at a parking lot on the corner of 2nd and Beaudry near Echo Park.

The gleaming towers of downtown oversee the transformation; where once was only asphalt and weeds springs up a lively taco stand offering -- for just a dollar each -- some damn fine tacos, with all the regular varieties represented: asada, chicken, al pastor -- and some rarer finds like lengua (beef tongue), chorizo (mexican sausage) and more. Run by a family, the atmosphere is casual and fun; there are a few tables for seating, some free condiments (salsas, beans, etc.) and drinks (soda, water) for just a dollar more -- and a small crowd of people talking over mouthfuls of delicious taco goodness.

The crowd is eclectic; dads picking up dinner, armored truck drivers on the job, hipsters and sneaker heads. unified by the love of a good taco, they wander in and out throughout the night.

Good tacos cheap -- plus you get to know of yet another transient dinner option when you're out with friends. You'll look cool, I promise.

Map it:
At the Corner of 2nd street and Beaudry Ave. Every day save thursday, 7:30 - 11:30 pm.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Welcome to Los Angelist.

You're an angeleno, I'm an angeleno-- let's be angeleno's together!